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Natraj Dahi Bhalla chandni chowk

natraj dahi bhalle chandni chowk

 Natraj Dahi Bhalla Chandni Chowk

Experience of Chandni Chowk, I went to Natraj Dahi Bhalla Chandni Chowk which is one of the most famous places for snacks like Dahi Bhalla. Here you will get two dishes which are they famous for: –
1.) Dahi Bhalla
2.)Aloo Tikki 

I came here for the first time. so let me try it and then I am gonna tell you the taste about these dishes.

Dahi Bhalla – It is full of curd which is like sour yogurt filled with some chili and some spices. Then I mix it well. That becomes an  amazing yummy taste. It feels like bread that’s been soaked in yogurt.

That’s just a wonderful contrast between different colors of taste.

dahi bhalle

Aloo Tikki – I ordered 1 plate(2 pieces) of aloo Tikki. It is like full of boiled and cooked potatoes in a circle shape filled with some peas and spices. And also gives a mixture of red sauce and green chutney. The taste is quite delicious and yummy but the price is overcharged for this dish as compared to Dahi Bhalla.

aloo tikki

Environment – There is a lot of rush in the day and the night as well. Most people are eating right in front of the shop standing but there is also a sitting arrangement. You just have to take the stairs and sit in the shop above.

Quality And Service – The food here is so tasty and the service is very fast and convenient.

Price – Cost of 2 is 100 which is in everyone’s budget I think so.

Natraj Dahi Bhalle Chandni Chowk  Menu 

There are basically two items for which this place is famous for:-

  1. Dahi Bhalla – 50
  2. Aloo Tikki  –   50

Address For This Place:-

Nearest Metro Station -Chandni Chowk Metro Exit from Gate 1 

and 10 min walking distance from the metro. DON’T take any auto or e-rickshaw.Besides the Central Bank. 

Chandni Chowk is a very congested area.

Conclusion:- This place is worth to go with your loved ones.

Add this place in your bucket list. Tell us about your experience and let us know in the comment section.

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