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Kake di hatti chandni chowk

kake di hatti chandni chowk

Kake Di Hatti Chandni Chowk

Experience of Chandni chowk, I went to Kake Di Hatti Chandni Chowk which is very famous for their specialty in naan. This place has the biggest naan in Delhi. Here you will get authentic as well as unique Punjabi Dishes. I ordered here:

Malai Kofta

Amritsari Naan

And Lassi 

with complimentary Green Chutney

I came here for the first time. So let me try it and then i am gonna tell you more about its taste.

Amritsari naan

Malai Kofta – First of all I am gonna try Malai Kofta and will tell you how it tastes.Its a well cooked and a little bit buttery as people love in North India. This Malai Kofta has perfect spices and oil (not too much) in it which is a really very good thing and it tastes very yummy.

 Amritsari Naan – Naan is really awesome here. This Amritsari naan is soft as well as crispy at the same time. Stuffing is very simple but goes really good with a little bit of crispy Naan.
 Lassi -Little bit sweet. All these items make a very unique combination and are very unique at this place.
Amritsari naan with malai kofta and lassi

Environment – A lot of college students & families come to hang out here.

Quality & Service – According to me, the food is so tasty & the service is really good.

Price – Cost for 2 is almost between 200-300 which is quite affordable

Kake di Hatti  Menu

kake di hatti menu
kake di hatti menu

Address For this Place:-

Nearest Metro Station -Chandni Chowk Metro Exit from Gate 1 

and 20 min walking distance from the metro. DON’T take any auto or e-rickshaw. Walk towards Fatehpuri  Masjid 

Chandni Chowk is a very congested area.

Conclusion:- This place is worth to go with your loved ones.

Add this place in your bucket list. Tell us about your experience and let us know in the comment section.

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